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Agriculture Programme

A. Agriculture Programme

1. Toxin Free Low Cost Inputs Agriculture  Programme (Running project)

Partner Organization :  Local Self Government  

Area of Operation :  District Jabalpur                    

Objectives :

  • To improve agronomic practice and new technologies.
  • To inform them about appropriate and affordable technologies
  • To inform them about market and linkages
  • To inform them about technologies for improve productivity, quality, value addition etc.
  • To create Income Generated and employment opportunities for small and marginal farmers.   

 Approach :

  • Identify the area.
  • Create Awareness trough training, seminar and workshops among farmers.
  • Provide expert advice.
  • Risk coverage options.

Target Population : 55 Farmers

Monitoring Agency : BSK monitoring Team

Impact Assessment :

  • Made aware farmers to improve quality of farming.
  • Knowledge about new technologies and machineries.
  • Generated Market and linkages.
  • Created Income Generated and employment opportunities for small and marginal farmers.


2. Vermi Compost program for sustainable production

Partner Organization : CAPART Rural Development Ministry New Delhi

Area of Operation : District Jabalpur, Block- Sihora

Objectives :

  • To aware the farmers about the benefit of vermicompost for sustainable production
  • To train the farmers to prepare vermicompost
  • To help the farmers for the construction of vermicompost pits.                                     
  • To organize capacity building program for improved cultivation.


  • Rapport establishment
  • Awareness programme through community meetings, farmers club meetings etc.
  • Organizing training programme by inviting experts.
  • Regular field visits by the project staff for monitoring and supervision.

Target population : 50 farmers from two tribal villages – Pipariya and Mehagwan

Monitoring agency : JBSK monitoring team

Impact assessment : The project is continuing


3. Medicinal Plantation

Partner Organization :  Tarun Sanskar Jabalpur 

Area of Operation :  block Sihora, District Jabalpur


  • To promote cultivation of medical herbs.
  • To promote marketing of medical herbs.  
  • To protect medical herbs.


  • Discussions workshops

Monitoring agency : Jay Bharati Shiksha Kendra  

Impact Assessment :

  • Plantation on road sided
  • Community aware about importance of tree
  • Protection of trees  
  • Clean and pollution free area