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Adult Education Programme:

Area of Operation: DistrictJabalpur


  • To create a positive Environment for adult learners.
  • To increasing enrolment in night & Extra classes.
  • Selecting tools, techniques and the methods of easy learning.
  • Strengthening of adult (night classes).
  • To generate health awareness and create aesthetically satisfying healthy environment for learning.


  • Establishment night school for adult persons
  • Group meeting with local community for aware education
  • Film show on importance of education
  • Street play by local community
  • Use participatory methods for teaching to adult persons

Target Population: 70 Youth Group of 43 Villages

Population Covered: 32,603

Monitoring agency: Jay Bharti Shiksha Kendra


Impact Assessment:

  • Increasing enrolment in adult education (Night Classes)
  • Community aware about importance of education
  • Community supported to adult education program.

Skill development program (VTP)  under Youth Welfare Program

Area of Operation: Jabalpur District


  • To increase the knowledge of computer in rural youth & student
  • To increase interest of computer in rural youth
  • To briefed the introduction of computer technology in beneficiaries.
  • To organized the 90 Days computer awareness program in rural area.
  • To provide knowledge through participatory and innovative methods.
  • To provide Practical skills to beneficiaries.

Target Population: 122 rural Youth group

Population Covered: 44,576

Monitoring agency: JBSK

Impact Assessment: Certificate in all courses  Increase knowledge of baneberries about computer and its technologies