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 Area of Operation


As this millennium approaches its dusk, Jai Bharti Shiksha Kendra expanded its area of intervention in the technical social and economic field with the goal to reduce human suffering and re-establishing human values. JBSK is working in the following area of Madhya Pradesh.


Our Partners:

  1. D.A. (Development Alternatives) Jhansi & New Delhi
  2. IGSSS Bhopal
  3. Andheri Hilfe Bonn, Germany
  4. Watershed Organization Trust,(WOTR) Ahamadnagar
  5. DRDA Jabalpur
  6. MP Voluntary Health Association (MPVHA)Indour
  7. ILO, Indus Project.
  8. SPWD, New Delhi
  9. M.P. Biodiversity Board Bhopal
  10. Social Welfare Board Bhopal
  11. CAPART New Delhi
  12. AIDS Control Socity Bhopal
  13. Action Aid India Delhi
  14. Nabard Bhopal
  15. PHF UK
  16. NCVT Bhopal
  17. FVTRS Bangalore