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Adolescent Health & Sexuality Programme:

Partner Organization: MPVHA,Indore

Area of Operation: District Jabalpur & Katni


  • To improve Behavior/Practice of Adolescent girls and boys gained knowledge
  • To reduction in teenage pregnancies.
  • To organized voluntary counseling and treatment of RTI/STI for adolescent girls and boys.
  • To improve utilization of RH services
  • To aware girls and boys getting married after reaching 18 and 21 years of old respectively
  • To create awareness of necessity of using condoms.
  • Create Supportive Environment in the community for addressing ARH
  • Access of adolescent girls and boys to knowledge and counseling/clinical services related to ARH.
  • Create Enhancement life skill opportunity for adolescent girls and boys (Personality Development skills such as self-awareness, self confidence, self esteem, problem solving, negotiation skills, ability to analyze)  


Target Population:  45 Youth

Population Covered: 11,648

Monitoring Agency: Jai Bharti Shiksha Kendra

Impact Assessment:

  • Improved behavior/practice of adolescent girls and boys gained knowledge on RH.
  • Improvement in utilization of RH Services.
  • Provided Counseling to adolescent girls and boys