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Health Project & Awareness Camp


1. Intervention of RTI/STD/HIV/AIDS Prevention & Control
Funding : AIDS Control society Bhopal (Running Project)
Area of Operation : Transport Nagar District Jabalpur, M.P.
Objectives :
  • To change the behavior of the long run Trackers
  • Condom promotion
  • Prevention & control of STD & RTI
  • Efforts to establish enabling environment
  • IPS & Counseling
  • Brain Storming Sessions
  • Condom Distribution & Social Marketing
  • Information, detection and referral services for STDs
  • Coordination with stakeholders
  • Reduce STDs case in project area
  • Use of condom by Target Group
  • Created enabling environment
Approach :
Target Population : 18-55 year age Trackers (Target Couple)
Population covered : 20,000
Impact Assessment :


2. Pulse Polio Campaign
Funded by : MPVHA, Indore & UNICEF, Bhopal
Area of Operation : Jabalpur District
Objectives :
  • Prevention of polio disease
  • To make every children free from polio
  • Provide vaccines
  • Door to door knocking efforts
  • Campaigning
  • Prevented polio disease
  • Created healthy environment
Approach :
Target Population : 0-5 year group children
Population covered : 1,27,190
Monitoring Agency : Jai Bharati Shiksha Kendra
Impact Assessment :


3. Reproductive Child Health Program
Partner Organization : Local Self Government
Area of Operation : Jabalpur District
Objectives :
  • To lay the foundation of proper psychological, physical and social development of the child
  • To mobilize masses and ensure universal immunization for children in the age group of 0-6
  • To effect empowerment of the mother to look after health and nutritional need of child through proper nutrition and health education
  • Improving access, capacity building of village health workers and strengthening of infrastructure
  • To encourage safe deliveries by trained personnel in hygienic conditions
  • Promoting use of contraceptive methods among eligible couples for advocating healthy family life and responsible parenting
  • To generate awareness among mother children, eligible couples, women and adolescents for future sustainability of the project
  • Sensitization and mobilization of rural community
  • Capacity building of the untrained village health workers
  • Empowerment of community specially of women for developing greater understanding and functional skills on matters related to child care
  • Establishing live dialogue with adolescents, to improve their knowledge about reproductive health and functions and grooming them to be responsive parents
  • Arranging for health and nutrition education in the context of local condition and available resources
  • Strengthening of referral services
  • Facilitating creation of self sustaining health support system at village level
  • 8,650 Children (0-6 year age group)
  • 6,356 Eligible Couples
  • Higher level of awareness among the villagers, especially women on matters of RCH
  • Universalization of vaccination and immunization for mothers and children under the age group of 0-6 years
  • Increase in number of institutional delivery by 45%
  • Reduction in IMR by 6 points
  • Better nutritional status of children
Approach :
Target Population :
Impact Assessment :


4. Give up the Tobacco Addiction
Funded by : MPVHA, Indore
Partner Organization : Local Self Government
Area of Operation : Jabalpur District
Objectives :
  • To create awareness and educating the people about the ill effect of chewing tobacco
  • To prevent tobacco among various groups at risk, specially among college and school going children and young people
  • To evolve culture specific models for the prevention of Tobacco
  • To increase community participation and public cooperation in the reduction of demand of tobacco
  • Identification of target group
  • A concreted drive will be launched towards building awareness about the implication of tobacco
  • The information and education approach will be carefully devised in keeping with the specific socio- cultural and economic characteristics of the target group
  • The people made aware of and educated to keep or to wean themselves away from addiction of tobacco.
Approach :
Target Population : School going children & Young People
Population covered : 99,934
Monitoring Agency : Jai Bharati Shiksha Kendra (Monitoring Team)
Impact Assessment :


5. Medical Check-up Camp
Area of Operation :   District Jabalpur
Objectives :
  • To give them Proper Guidance to understanding about general diseases.
  • To provide guidance to Control and prevention has been given to the people
  • To distribute the medicines after proper checkup to the peasants
  • Selection of area.
  • Arranging for health education in the context of local conditions and available resources.
  • Capacity building of untrained village health workers
  • Higher level of awareness among villagers
  • Generated understanding about general diseases.
  • Distributed medicines after proper checkup
Approach :
Target Population : 95 Women of 19 Villages 
Population Covered : 6,682
Monitoring agency : JBSK Monitoring Team
Impact Assessment :


6. Adolescent Health & Sexuality Programme
Partner Organization : MPVHA, Indore
Area of Operation : District Jabalpur & Katni
Objectives :
  • To improve Behavior/Practice of Adolescent girls and boys gained knowledge
  • To reduction in teenage pregnancies.
  • To organized voluntary counseling and treatment of RTI/STI for adolescent girls and boys.
  • To improve utilization of RH services
  • To aware girls and boys getting married after reaching 18 and 21 years of old respectively
  • To create awareness of necessity of using condoms.
  • Create Supportive Environment in the community for addressing ARH
  • Access of adolescent girls and boys to knowledge and counseling/clinical services related to ARH.
  • Create Enhancement life skill opportunity for adolescent girls and boys (Personality Development skills such as self-awareness, self confidence, self esteem, problem solving, negotiation skills, ability to analyze)   
  • Improved behavior/practice of adolescent girls and boys gained knowledge on RH.
  • Improvement in utilization of RH Services.
  • Provided Counseling to adolescent girls and boys
Approach :
Target Population :  45 Youth
Population Covered : 11,648
Monitoring Agency : Jai Bharati Shiksha Kendra
Impact Assessment :


7. Livelihood Training programme for School Drop out girls
Partner Organization : FVTRS, Bangalore
Area of Operation : District Jabalpur
Target Population :  45 Youth
Impact Assessment :
  • 105 Girls are Trained and Placed under Readymade Garment, Computer Training and Handicraft (Teracota) Training.


8. SHG formation and Nurturing
Partner Organization : NABARD, Bhopal
Area of Operation : District Jabalpur
Target Population :  Women
Impact Assessment :
  • 102 Women SHGs formed and Bank Account opened,
  • Linkage of 40 SHGs completed,
  • 23 SHGs linked with Organic farming (Vegetable Cultivation)
  • 7 SHGs linked with Poultry Farming (Kadanath Breed)
  • 3 SHGs linked with Goautry,
  • 5 SHGs linked with Fisheries,
  • 8 SHGs linked with Agarbatti Making,