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WASUNDHRA (Watershed development) Project  (Running project)

Partner Organization: Water Organization Trust [WOTR] By AHBGermany

Area of Operation:  1176.67 Hect

TargetVillage: Mukhash and Chhitapal Block - Dhimarkheda District -Katni

Population Covered: 536  villagers


  • To prevent the Soil & Water conservation.
  • To promote the Environment protection & enrichment.
  • Protection from distressful drought & migration
  • To Improved the livelihood opportunities
  • To improved the Agriculture production.
  • Woman Empowerment
  • Community involvement
  • Skill Development
  • Capacity building
  • Community development 



Water and soil conservation will improve. People are using water for different purpose. People are realizing the benefits accruing to them from watershed development. Women groups in each village of the watershed area are becoming more aware, bold and active in implementing their projects.

Monitoring Agency: Water Organization Trust (WOTR)Jabalpur


Impact Assessment:

1. Water label is improve

2. Westland is  improve in one time  agriculture land and one time to two time agriculture land

3. Poorest people is strong in small bigness

4. Escape is stop