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Major activities conducted

During 2008-2021

Following major activities were conducted during the reporting period by the organization. Only summery of the particular activities is giving her

A. Educational Programme

1. Sponsorship Programme

Funding :  Action Aid UK-funded

Area of Operation : District Bhopal and Jabalpur (M.P.)

Objectives :

  • To create a positive environment for education,
  • To work towards reorienting community’s perception from “School by government to School of community,
  • To increase enrolment and to improvise upon teaching learning process,
  • To work for universal retention and analyzing the causes behind absenteeism and drop out and work for their eradication,
  • To facilitate student learning so that each child can attain desired level of learning,
  • Selecting tools, techniques and the methods of easy learning,
  • Strengthening of schools,
  • To generate health awareness and create aesthetically satisfying healthy environment for learning,
  • To make education a medium to empower the community specially the students and community by which they can assert their rights from a position of strength,
  • To create means for post project sustenance of programs interventions,
  • To establish “Gauravi Center” at Bhopal for Violence against women,
  • To Advocacy for Land Rights and Livelihood for Tribal Community,
  • To create Child Right awareness through “Bal Panchayat”,
  • To establish Village Development Committee for Sustainable use of Natural Resources,

Approach :

  • Sensitization and mobilization of rural community
  • Capacity building of school management committee (SMC) empowerment of community for greater involvement in education program
  • Establishing live dialogue between school and community
  • Capacity building of teachers
  • Making school attractive
  • Ensuring continuation in learning process enriching upon learning process
  • Ensuring regularity of school
  • Facilitating socio-economic upliftment of the area

Target Population :

  • Village community
  • Student
  • EGS Teachers

Population Covered : 47,351       (29 Tribal villages)

Monitoring agency : Jai Bharati Shiksha Kendra (Monitoring Team)

Impact Assessment :

  • Increase enrolment and improve teaching-learning process
  • Created a healthy environment for learning
  • Activation of School managing committee
  • Improvement of teaching methods teachers teach through pedagogy methods
  • Created enabling environment